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Hi y’all! Amira here. In today’s Mini episode, I want to talk about a few things I’ve been wrestling with, within me, living and experiencing the last several months. 

Welcome back to Advocate Activism! 

During this last year I’ve come to recognize, for myself, that once I saw how white supremacy affects every fiber of our systems across the board, it only magnified the desire to make change where I can. 

It’s truly one of the most difficult parts for me & It’s hard because I can’t unsee it. Feeling the heaviness of having to speak up in all situations where bigotry, hatred, and systems of oppression are being done in my presence, takes a toll on my Mind and my Heart.

I believe it is my calling and my ministry to spread awareness and educate others by using any privilege I have to get the word out about making each household an ANTI-RACIST HOUSEHOLD, by normalizing the conversation that White Supremacy must end and it will take a collective to make a dent in it. Silence is violence ya’ll!

Anti-Racism student, why do I consider myself a student? Well, it’s the same reason, as a Mindfulness coach, I will always be a student of the mind and of awareness. Being a student reminds me, even in my educator role, I desire to always remain open to experiencing a new way of learning and doing things. 

One important part of  activism for me, is doing Community organizing & event planning. It has actually become a passion of mine since planning my first event on April 24th 2021 “End White Supremacy with black excellence, through art, storytelling and calls to action”. Since then, I have been a part of the planning of 4 separate events, including my husband’s first event coming up August 7th 2021, for Trans visibility, suicide awareness and Anti-Racism education. If you would like to donate to our GoFundMe please click on this link and you will also find the EVENTBRITE and the FACEBOOK event link.

Recently leaving my open and affirming church without warning from my role as Minister of Justice and Witness was quite the blow to not only my bank account but to my heart. The long and short of it is, I left because as the only Black human at the church, not to mention, only ANTI-RACIST human at the church, I felt extremy alone in the work of activism and my mental health was being effected. 

After my last church experience, I have decided that, the only way I wanna do church, is if there is a new & different way to worship and have spirituality that allows ALL to feel welcomed and honored. part of this means, making sure that we are educated in the nature of White Supremacy so that we do not cause further harm, and when we do get called out or in, we own up, we apologize and we keep it pushin, because we got shit to do! 

 A few short months ago I was asked to join S.K.I.N Salem Keizer interfaith network, see website here. 

One of the things that continues to give me hope about the faith community is that SKIN represents 4 main pillars 1. Climate change. 2. Houselessness. 3. LGBTQIA+ 4. Racial Justice. For the Members of SKIN, it is important to us to not only speak about these four pillars, but take action in our city as faith leaders to stand up to White Supremacy in all of its forms by speaking out and standing with the marginalized. I feel I am able to use my voice, without tone policing myself. I feel I am in a space where My thoughts and opinions matter and we as a unit are all on the same page with our missions and values, and MOST OF ALL, all of us are doing the internal work of Anti- Racism. I feel a little more at home in Salem because of this group & I am grateful. 

Last time Rayah and I did an episode together, we talked about one of the offerings I had at the time was  working with any marginalized human, or activist for FREE, if they are able to commit to 90 days, once per week, working with my Mindfulness package. Well, after a lot of thought, I have decided after the current groups of folks graduate by program, I will no longer be offering this. 

Unfortunately, the time it is filling up in my schedule does not allow me the flexibility to make the income I need to sustain my life. What I do offer is this FREE Sunday morning JUST BE WITH BREATH, Meditation hour it’s EVERY  SUNDAY AT 8:00 am, We come as we are, cameras off or on, and we allow ourselves to be as we are, if were are mad sad, happy, whatever the case, while loving on ourselves along the way. If you want to be added to the email list for the weekly zoom hour email me at coremindgutconnection@gmail.com

During the 2021 virtual suicide summit I was asked to do the closing grounding and while listening to the speakers, it was mentioned that there is not a lot of people of color in the feild of mental health. What stood out to me is my own story. I want to help my community but a lot of folks in my community can not afford to pay for my services, yet I can’t afford to give services for free. It is a cycle that I didn’t realize until that day.

As much as my soul would love to spend my full time hours helping my community with their minds and hearts so they can sustain their work, I can not pay my bills. With that said, I Love my community and I want to see more of us recognize the power of our mind and thoughts, in the smallest ways, can help anyone become, and sustain being a human that is a bit kinder and gentler to themselves. That is always my desire for folks. 

I love yall, be kind to yourself and find your way to do activism because as a collective, we all GOT SHIT TO DO!