A black square with white text across the top "Episode 3" the center has a round graphic in blue and pink that says "are you okay?" and across the bottom it says "mental illness matters"

Hello and welcome to Episode 3 – Mental Illness Matters! This is our 1st episode in our mental health series. Rayah and I both have mental health experiences. We both have spouses that have severe mental health experiences.
We aim to shed a light on these challenging moments, for others to gain awareness and understanding.
Please stay tuned for more episodes in this series to come. We love you. We see you.

In Episode 3, Rayah mentions a podcast episode that talks more about one of her periods of suicidality. Here is that episode and more previous mental health episodes Rayah wrote and produced.

This episode is dedicated to Jacob Ryan Macduff and Patrick Warren, Sr. – We will not sleep on justice for you.

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