A square Graphic that says "Episode 2" on the top in the center and below that has two selfies - a Black woman on the right, wearing a plaid hat that says "make america plaid again" she also has on sunglasses, red lipstick, and long hair in a braid. the other is a white woman with sunglasses on and a sunflower mask. she has long blonde hair.

In this episode, Rayah and I(Amira) talk about what it is like to be in the movement almost 10 months in. Even as partners in this, we have to remind each other, why we are doing this work, decide if our peace of mind is going to fall short for the work that we feel needs to be done, when to hold each other accountable for our judgements and self care, and when to recognize our own mission, of RADICAL ACCEPTANCE. Which sometimes means – accepting that our way isn’t the ONLY WAY! 

We talk about the different perspectives of why some of us may lean in, or out, and at the end of the day we are all looking for acceptance and understanding.

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