This is Advocate Activism 

As a queer 42 year old black woman, once I witnessed the Murder of Gorge Floyd I began to question how was I able to move through life not knowing what redlining really was, or Jim crow, even JUNETEENTH, I didn’t understand the depth or understand why these things were so important to my own history! I’m Amira. I realized that I was asleep to systemic racism and there was an anger in my belly that I had never felt before. I began educating myself and my community and I’m taking my best friend Rayah along with me. 

Hey, Im Rayah – As the white woman accomplice – I am committed to the work of anti-racism. “Anti-racist” is a title I will always need to work toward, not a destination I will arrive at. I come to this work with the knowledge that I will make mistakes and need to be corrected.

We believe in standing up for the oppressed, against oppression in all its forms.

We practice restorative justice first, working towards healing and community restoration whenever possible. We also believe in boundaries that keep marginalized people safe.

We practice this in ourselves first, through learning how to sit in discomfort and radically accepting ourselves and others as they are. With this being said, even myselfas a black woman I’ve realized through education and studying, that I’ve caused harm. Not intentionally, but by not being educated, and once we know better we can do better."Advocate Activism" in block font on black background